Community Plan



A new village Community Plan was published in October 2013 and delivered to every household in the village.

Sutton Community would like to thank Herefordshire Council Parish and Community Plan Grant Scheme for the financial support which enabled development and production of the plan

The first consultations took place at the Golden Cross on election night in May 2011, the School in June, the Village Fete in July, Woodville Grove in July, village interest groups in August & September, plus schools also had the opportunity to allow pupils to participate. People could have their say on what they would like to have in the village over the next few years. Everything from housing to environment, activities & clubs to road safety.

A questionnaire was delivered to every household in Sutton parish in Spring 2012.  There was a fantastic response of 67%. The questionnaires were analysed by Herefordshire Council , June 2012 and again in more detail December 2012. The detailed results were used to compile the Plan from Jan to August 2013. Consultation of the First Draft of the Plan was held on July 2nd 2013 at the Village Hall, and via the website.

The plan was completed and published at the beginning of October 2013.

If you want any further information contact Annette Mansie on 01432 880494

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