Neighbourhood Planning

The Localism Act has reformed the planning system to give local people new rights to shape
the development of the communities in which they live.

Neighbourhood Development Plans set out the vision for an area and the planning policies for the use and development of land within our parish. These policies will support the strategic policies within the Herefordshire Local Plan – Core Strategy. Plans will focus on guiding development rather than stopping it.

Neighbourhood Development Plans will give our community an increased ability to influence planning within our area. Plans will need to conform to planning policies and guidance at a local, national and European level and meet the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. This will be tested in an independent examination. They will also need to demonstrate involvement of the local community in decision making and be subject to a community referendum.

Once such a plan is made or adopted, it will become a statutory plan carrying equal weight to the Herefordshire Local Plan – Core Strategy and be part of the Local Development Framework. This will mean that it will be used in making decisions on planning applications by Herefordshire Council in your area.



The project is funded in part through the Department for Communities and Local Government