Project Team

As the current Neighbourhood Development plan was more than two years old  and Herefordshire Council did not have a five year land supply, there was a need to bring the plan up to date.

The terms of reference of the project group was agreed by the Parish Council at its meeting held on 14th May 2021

The first meeting of the project group was held on 18th May 2021

The project group  meets formally as required, however  a lot of project work takes place outside these meetings. Project Group meetings are open to the public.

Members of the project group are

Keith Lawton – Chairman

Richard Andrews – Parish Councillor

Rebecca Blackman

Ron Gow – Parish Councillor

Stan Gyford

Ian Nichola – Parish Councillor

Seng Yeo

The project group is supported by

Dr Dave Nicholson –Consultant (Technical Support)

Tony Ford – Parish Clerk

The project is funded in part through the Department for Communities and Local Government