This website is best viewed in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 9.0 and above.

It is our intention that this website is accessible by people with a disability. Since the introduction of legislation in 2010, many browser providers have upgraded their options to include various customisations in terms of colour, font-size and contrast. More can be read about the options here by following the My Web, My Way link below:

My Web, My Way

In terms of this website, it is possible to zoom in by holding down the CONTROL  key and the + key together. The CONTROL key and 0 held down together will return the text to the standard size.

While our minutes and agendas are in PDF format, Adobe now allows conversion of a PDF to Word which can be read by text-to-speach readers.

We have taken the following steps during the design of this website with the aim of making it accessible:

  1. Menus have been designed with clear drop downs and buttons with highly contrasting colours to show selections being made.
  2. Images have alt tags describing website pictures to make a description available to software that reads web content aloud.
  3. Important links are marked with large buttons.
  4. Links have titles where applicable.
  5. The calendar/events pages are configurable.  Using the drop downs at the top of the calendar, it is possible to display the events as a large type posterboard or an agenda type list.

If you have any problems accessing this website please contact the Parish Council or the website designer Jane Buckley